Lorna McFadden


In this lesson Planning assignment I will be focussing on 5 components:
1) Blooms Taxonomy
2) Characteristics of Adult Learners
3) Creating a Positive Learning environment
4) Motivational Techniques
5) Planning

1) Blooms Taxonomy:


I choose Blooms taxonomy because it seemed to be at the origin of educational objectives. This article presents a very complete description of the taxonomy model identifying the three domains of learning. Being that I am in a very early stage of my teaching career it this will help keep perspective in the fundamentals of learning. It shows the domains of classification, cognitive to get them thinking. Affective to get them caring and psychomotor, get them doing. It also can serve as a checklist to help my teaching to ensure the students are developing in the learning process.

2) Characteristics of Adult Learners:

Cognitive Limitations Of Adult Learners In eLearning: 6 Factors To Consider

The Adult Learning Theory – Andragogy – of Malcolm Knowles

Teaching adults will need a different perspective which is why I chose this component. If you feel something is not working in your class then one need to take a step back and address why they are having difficulty learning. Identifying with these characteristics can help. Most important to identify with my learners is the diversity they display and individual differences coming into this environment. These factors knowing adults have a more voluntary motivation for learning will be advantageous to my teaching and the other learners. Knowles 5 assumptions can be integrated into my lesson planning and create a positive learning experience.


If you are not going to invest energy creating a positive learning environment why teach? The video in the first website clearly defines different perspectives for achieving this. The second reference is tough to access but also gives great outlines for motivational strategies. Both make great points about maintaining balance between educating and entertaining your class. I see myself wanting to be the “fun” teacher but have to learn to integrate both qualities for it to be beneficial to my students.


17 Tips To Motivate Adult Learners

I choose this component because adult learning characteristics, positive learning environment and motivational techniques are all interchangeable. We have to keep our students pumped up to learn and making use of all these is essential. For me in my teaching, applying purposeful and practical knowledge that my students can relate to is very motivational. This article references a quote “you will become clever through your mistakes”, is relevant in my program and the clinical aspect. As is “Practice makes perfect”. To let them make their own mistakes and learn by them, redirecting with appropriate praise which encourages motivation.

5) Planning:

I choose this component because I struggle with planning; I needed a good resource to follow to help me outline the “why” and the “how” of the teaching –learning process. This website is clear, concise and has many recommended instructional planning slide shares to refer to. It covers units from course plan to lesson plans, types of objectives etc. This is a great tool to guide me starting out. I have very little experience with theory classes so I will get allot of help using this to map out my lessons step by step.