I’ve overdosed on Moodle!  I admit it.   After reading all the discussion postings I feel like my brain has taken all it can take.  I have found these past few weeks VERY intense with the forums, it feels like (and it is) a bunch of different conversations going on at once and its getting too noisy for me!  There is SO MUCH information posted and great comments that its hard to keep track of it all.

I really love the creating of community during it and feel like I have gotten to know some of the students a little better with the discussions we have become apart of.  I almost wish I could have a coffee (wine) with them to chat about these topics!

So maybe this post isn’t so much about brain overload (yes it is) but the feeling of having a sense of community that has been developed over this time.  Kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and knowing there are others out there like me who strive to succeed and get frustrated or stuck sometimes but are able to help each other through this process!

Going into DETOX now…..