Being Self Directed

With a new discussion forum under way about self directed/regulated/determined, it brings to mind what taking this course is all about.  Without the use of charts or reference to reading one has to internally desire an out outcome in what ever challenge they face with the use of this triad of learning.

The PIDP presents students with aspects of learning that require motivation which I believe is the bottom line to accomplishing most things in life.  I have just found over the past month with the Instructional strategy course the intensity of the assignments have motivated me into high gear, almost freakishly obsessed  with checking into Moodle at least 3-4 times a day to read postings and think about subject matter.

I see a common thread to many of the learning strategies most with an underlying theme of learning environment, how we as instructors think, act and react,  relationships with our students and faculty.  Feedback and self awareness is a huge factor.  There are many theories, tips, tricks and techniques to teaching and learning.  One can get so easily caught up in details.  But if we remain true to our passion, our students and are authentic about what we believe then motivation is easy  (almost)  and being self DETERMINED finds it place!