I know this is supposed to be a platform of instructional strategy but I’m going to take the time to present my experience of visible learning.

I had a clinic day that I taught this past week and was able to see visible learning first hand.  I had taught the first theory day for one of our specific licenced duties a few weeks ago, this was the clinic day for the students to display knowledge learned.  I saw the students demonstrate and explain from the theory class elements of what was to be learned from that lesson.  I also experienced seeing students demonstrate specific techniques that I had verbally taught them in class, and here they were using it in the clinic session.

The feeling I had that day is (I’m sure) what gets people hooked on teaching!  I was excited for my students and I expressed that at the end of the clinic day.  I told them that since I’m not there very much and when I am, I get to see the progress they make in a more amplified sense.  I gave them all praise for a job well done and am excited to see their progress next class!