AH HA!!!!

I’ve been working on my discussion forum topic about visible learning for the past while and feel like I’m running in circles.  I have a TON of data and made notes from research that just seems like words on paper and doesn’t mean much.  I just had a AHH HAA moment….

During this recent discussion forum about questioning techniques I realised it tied into visible learning which I’ve been sort of struggling to understand.  I GET IT NOW!

Questions applied to students can be presented in such a way where it is a form of visible learning.  It is essentially teachers seeing the learning through the eyes of the students and the students seeing teaching as the key to their lifelong learning.

There are MANY  forms of visible learning techniques and while I was researching I wasn’t clear on what the data was presenting.  But with the understanding of proper questioning it presents the students an opportunity to verbally express the answer, they can write it  or even artistically show what they know in a diagram or what ever their learning style is.  It helps to organize and process their thoughts to actively learn the content.  This provides teachers to visually see what the students are learning.

I just hope I’m correct I’m my thinking that there is a connection between these two things.  If not then its back to the drawing board!