I’ve been doing so much reading and research about instructional strategies these past few weeks, really learning allot during our discussion forums too but I had a thought….what would work best for me in the classroom??

What I mean by that is from all that I’ve read from this particular course so far makes me wonder what technique or strategy would suite me best with my personality in my classroom?   At this point I don’t have allot of opportunity to practice or experiment  due to my being in clinic most of my time, so I’m eager to learn and try some of these things out, but which should be the first and the best?

I see what the other instructors do and they defiantly have their favorite techniques and are very successful with them.   What they do also fits their teaching style and personality.  Its a process of trial and error which I understand.  My learning curve is still very deep and wide to experience what I need so I can benefit my students with the information I’m eager to teach them.

I almost wish that I was thrown into a full time teaching position so I can really get my feet wet, but that scares the living crap out of me at the moment!!  One step at a time.