This is COOL!!!!!

Ok, I’m a newbie, I know!!  But I got excited over this teaching technique that I was talking to one of my peers about.

After my last class where I felt they were tempted to hit the snooze button after a power point lesson, I kept thinking what I could do to shake thing up a bit.  Then I was told about the jigsaw classroom.

Its about dividing the class in groups and appointing one person per group as a leader. Give each individual in that group  a topic segment and let them research it and learn about it becoming experts on that particular topic.  Then they have to mingle with the other groups who have researched the same segment topics to present what they know.  Then they are brought back together to their original group to present the topic discussed in their expert groups.

As instructors we get to observe and facilitate the process but it empowers our students to generate their own learning and work together to teach each other.

I see many opportunities in my program to present this.  It is being done now by another instructor and she has had great success with it.  I may try it myself my next opportunity!