I’ve been doing a lot of reflection since teaching my first theory class this past week.  All I can think about is, “I forgot to tell them this…….I forgot to show them that…..Oh Jez,  I didn’t get my point across and left them more confused about the content than when I started!”

So its been a few days of being self critical and reprimanding myself.  Not a great feeling.  Then I had a conversation with the instructor I was filling in for and she informed me that the students thought I did a GREAT job and even though my lesson was a hard one (instrument identification) they weren’t as lost as I thought they were!

WHEW!    Plus, I had to make up the following lessons plan for the next theory day and I was stressing about that too.  I just finished #3210 and lesson planning is still somewhat foreign to me.  But, low and behold…..that turned out really well!

I got some really great feedback from the other instructor, she was so helpful and had positive comments and suggestions for next time.  This is such a learning curve for me and I am so appreciative of the support I’m getting from my peers, I learn so much from them and I take what they say very seriously.  They all have taken this program just recently and use it in the classroom and make reference to it all the time.  I enjoy being in a work environment where there is common ground to creating an active learning environment.  It makes me want to learn more and teach more.  I have another theory day coming up and plan to tweak and refine what I do each time.

Teaching can be very isolating if you do not have peers or get the feedback from time to time.  How will we ever know how we are doing if we do not get feedback?