Time to Reflect

What a day today!!  I was able to teach my first theory class, and since starting this PIPD program its put allot of ideas in my head about what should and should not be done.  I have to admit I stressed about this all weekend and lost allot of sleep over it.  Now that’s its over I can reflect back and think, “hey, that wasn’t so bad!”

But I have to overthink EVERYTHING first….make it really hard, so when it comes time attempt and execute I think, “what was I so worried about?”

Looking back on my day putting aside fears and anxieties I was able to be authentic in my classes, deliver the required information, answer questions with confidence and I think my students learned something today!!

I really dig irony as well.  Since doing this class and watching a video about “The Power of  Introverts”, I have a bit of a revelation about my own character when it comes to teaching.  I am 90% introverted, at work and school I’m animated social and one would consider me an extrovert.  So in class today I was that chatty, social, animated part of myself.  After seeing this video, its made me realize I can take a moment out of the class time and be quiet, let myself have some time and the students have some time.  I did find I was rushing  the lesson, not sure why, but was told to slow down by the students.  I need to give them the time to ponder, and myself time to regroup my thoughts.   Its a concept Ill have to grow into and let opportunity  present itself to attempt this.

I need solitude now to keep reflecting…..stay tuned!