Jump Right in….

I love the irony of life!!!

I was helping students in class with what can be a very dry boring topic of tooth morphology/anatomy this week.  The instructor who introduced it to them the day before told me how they had this “deer in the headlights” look with all the information that was provided, and asked me to go over it with them if they had questions.  Boy did they have questions!!  I was able to create relevance  by making associations to tooth anatomy in regards to rivers, slopes, fissures, mountain peaks etc.  I used hand gestures and got them to look and feel inside their own mouths and my mouth to understand what I was talking about!  I saw the lightbulb go on for a few and the dimmer switch raised for others.  They started to understand the concept and it was so gratifying to witness.  I used my association technique because it works for me and I’m glad that it works for others.

Since reading and working on my first journal entry I resonate with the concept of student engagement as an integration  of motivation and active learning.   The irony is, that this is something I  almost instinctively do, and then reading about it makes me feel I am on the right path when it comes to my teaching methods.   It gives me the positive energy that I hope is reflected on my students which will encourage their journey of learning.

How cool is that!!!