I’m Back!!!

Well its been a little while since being on the blog, but I have been extremely busy continuing with the PIPD program and since my last entry I have completed 3210, curriculum development.  That was a mind bender for me.   But now I’m done and having the opportunity to do some classroom instruction I’m looking forward to putting some of the new skills to work.  I was supposed to take this course 3250 in class here at OC but was cancelled due to low enrollment, so here I am taking it online.

This course could not come at a better time since I have 2 days booked for theory coming up and am trying not to be too freaked out about them!   I’m just getting used to doing lesson plans and am learning allot from the other instructors I work with, they have been great!!

So now with 3250 I get to work on my blog a bit more and think about instructional strategies!  Just another path down the road on this journey.  Its been great so far, a few bumps along the way but I learn allot from them!