Learning Allot!

So I am fast approaching the close of week 7 and finishing up our discussion forums.  I have to say how interesting its been to read, research, comment and be exposed to so many different topics and opinions throughout this course.   Its almost a bit of an addiction to log in and read the new posts and replies, to be honest I have read more than replied too and have felt like I’ve somewhat run out of steam these past few weeks to jump into allot of the new posts.

What I do find is that when reading the posts and researching new topics it always leads me down a different path…..is it my ADD??  Then I’m into something different and have to remind myself what I started with in the first place.

But most of it was very insightful and allowed me to be apart of a group of people who were very knowledgeable and supportive of the contributions I made to the discussions.    I have now been involved with a number of online discussion forums and see the positive impact on learning.  If I get the opportunity with my teaching position I would like to implement a discussion forum as an adjunct to classroom learning.

I found this great article on this topic:








2 thoughts on “Learning Allot!

  1. Loved reading your posts Lorna and I appreciated your implant video as well as I’m embarking on that journey next month in Mexico. Enjoy the rest of the summer,


    • BE very careful with your implant surgery in Mexico. Research your dentist, find out where he/she got her training, every year we see folks back from Mexico with dental work that has to be redone. The standards are not the same and they use different materials.


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