Being Without Internet!

So I was just away camping for a few days in a fairly remote area.  There was limited WIFI access and when it was available it was short and spotty.  It made me realize that I/we have become so dependant on information that I missed the convenience of looking something up…like our weather forecast!   The forecast I got was looking up in the sky and guessing what it was going to be like for the rest of the day.  I guessed pretty good!  My time was spent looking up and forward instead of looking down at my device for information!  I Re-read a book that was already loaded on my I-pad from a few years back.  I didn’t get a chance to load other books before I left and I’m kind of glad since re-reading this was more insightful the second time around.

I found while I was away I was less distracted and more focussed, I gave more time to complete my thought rather than having a thought then finishing it looking up something that I needed to have an answer too.  I hiked for miles with my dog, hearing the birds, the wind through the trees, listening for other animals hoping I wasn’t prey!  I did listen to a few podcasts so I was still connected!   But I felt I was reconnected to what I used to know…what true silence was like.  No traffic, airplanes, hum of machinery near by….was bliss.  It makes me realize we do need to shut our stuff off every once and a while….bring us back to center……where ever that may be.