Is It Just me……

So since starting this journey in the PIPD program I seem to hit allot of blocks….in my thinking, my self doubt of capabilities, what I feel is my lack of knowledge of how to approach things….so is it just me or do other people feel this way too??

I jump into things head first with so much gusto and tend to wear thin when it gets to be too much for my peri-menopausal brain to handle!

So what I’m getting at is I’m really enjoying the assigned reading of Teaching Naked but when it comes to the journal entries I got nothing!  I’m having a hard time analyzing  and processing the information because I take it for what it is.  I like and agree allot of what the author is saying but have a hard time with it because I have no point of reference to make an educated opinion about EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY!    Its hard to reflect on a topic when I don’t have a background to draw from.  I know allot of other people in this program are already teaching and have perspective.  My perspective is elementary and I’m struggling to find context to reference the journal assignment.

I do find some relief in researching other articles in relation to our reading but then my thoughts and ideas are like a hurricane out of control and swirling trying to funnel into one main concept.  Once again…..IS THIS JUST ME???

They said the estimated time to spend on this online program is about 6-8 hours a week…I swear its double for me!  I like to take the hard way I suppose!!